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Within Temptation's first album to be released in the United States and Canada, arrived on store shelves across the continent on Tuesday July 24, 2007!

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Within Temptation nominated for 4 Dutch TMF Awards and 1 Belgian TMF Award

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Within Temptation nominated for 4 Dutch TMF Awards and 1 Belgian TMF Award
Sep 22 2007

Within Temptation is officially the most nominated band at the Dutch TMF Awards, coming up on October 27th, with four nominations: Best Album, Best Video (What Have You Done), Best Live Act, and the TMF Rockt Award. On top of that, they're also nominated for one award at the Belgian TMF Awards: Best Live Act International.

You can help the band win these awards by voting at the official sites of each award show.

For the Dutch TMF Awards:

Click here for the voting page. Click on 'Stemmen' which means vote and choose Within Temptation under each of the four categories that they're nominated for.

For the Belgian TMF Awards:

Click here for the voting page. Click on 'Vote for nominees' and go to NEXT until you reach the 'Best Live Act International' category that Within Temptation is nominated for and vote for them. At the end, click Finish and you will have to fill in your personal information, here's the translation:

Voornaam = First name
Achternaam = Last name
Straat = Street
Huisnummer = number
Postcode = zip code
Plaats = Place
Land = Country
Stemmen = to vote

The band will also be performing live at both award shows.

Credit: The Silent Force official fan club

Vote for Delain to play at the European MTV Awards!
Sep 06 2007

Delain, the current band of Martijn Westerholt (former keyboardist and younger brother of WT co-founder Robert), is among the bands considered to play at the European MTV Awards.

You can help by voting for them at this page!

(Click on the "Stemmen" button, that's Dutch for Vote)

Thanks to the Silent Force fan club.

Site Progress: All Sections Open
Aug 24 2007

All the major sections of the site are officially open. There will still be minor changes and additions to come over the next few months as usual, but the major development stages are finished.

If you haven't already, be sure to visit our forum and register to meet the group of friends that made this community possible!

Site Progress: Added Complete Lyrics Reference
Aug 22 2007

A complete lyrics reference has been added to the Discography section with all released songs (including b-sides, demos, and Gothic Christmas).

All the album tracks have been cross-referenced and corrected to the CD booklets (and in some rare cases, correcting some minor errors in the booklets themselves).

The track listings on the discography pages haven't been linked to the songs yet but that's a feature we're planning to add soon. For now, you can use the alphabetically-sorted menu of all the songs on the right hand side of the lyrics page.

Within Temptation to perform with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra!
Aug 20 2007

The band will be performing at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam together with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. Here's the complete story:

On February 7th 2008 we will be playing at the Ahoy Stadium in Rotterdam with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra!

When recording our albums, we have always worked with real orchestras. It is an important part of our sound, the dynamics and authentic sounds of an orchestra are truly unique. Therefore, we are really excited to do something like this in a live setting at the Ahoy!

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Within Temptation Netherlands show in Nov already sold out
Aug 20 2007

Within Temptation is scheduled to perform at the Eindhoven, Beursgebouw in the Netherlands. As of August 20th, the show has already sold out.

Major Site Updates
Aug 19 2007

The Band section: We've finally launched the complete timeline of the band's history as well as detailed profiles of each band member.

The Site section: updated with links to related sites, an About The Site and an About The Band introduction.

Site Progress Update
Aug 08 2007

The discography section is open, with track listings for the albums and the two DVD releases (under Other). The singles section will be up soon.

Our team of moderators are currently working on populating the forum with a few major threads and discussing layout ideas for it.

The full-featured band bio/history section is still a major work in progress.

Band History - Short Summary Added
Aug 02 2007

A brief summary of the band's history has been added to the site under "THE BAND" section.

A much more elaborate time line of the history will be available in the near future, including detailed profiles of the members and former members of the band so stay tuned.

(You may have to hit RELOAD or REFRESH on your browser to see the latest versions of those pages)

Aug 02 2007

After topping the album charts in the Europe and Japan under their international label, GUN Records (Sony BMG), the band's first album to be released in North America hit #1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart in its first week on sale.

The Top Heatseekers chart is populated by acts that have yet to reach the America's Billboard Top 100 chart. It was topped by England's Bullet For My Valentine in June of 2006, who also toured North America as a support act for Lacuna Coil.
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